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Please read this page before completing the Membership Application Form (75 Kb)

About INA.  The International Neurotoxicology Association (INA) is an organization of scientists working in the field of neurotoxicology. Fields of interest include all disciplines related to the study of the adverse effects of chemicals on the nervous system including neurochemistry, physiology, neuropathology, and behavior. Every two years, INA organizes a meeting in a quiet, and if possible, secluded place to encourage personal contact and the exchange of ideas among scientists from different disciplines working in the field and to facilitate the introduction of novices in the field to new colleagues and areas of interest (See future events)


Categories of Membership. The applicant must be a qualified person with a professional and/or scientific interest in neurotoxicology:
(1) Full Membership: Applicants may apply on the basis of:

   (a) publications in neurotoxicology  (Those applying for full membership on the basis of publication record must have authored or coauthored a minimum of two peer-reviewed neurotoxicology-related research publications)
   (b) professional experience in neurotoxicology. (Applicant  must clearly document activities and accomplishments supportive of involvement in neurotoxicology-related activities such as: teaching; appointment to expert committees, invited participation at neurotoxicology-related workshops, contributions to the literature such as text book chapters, monographs, etc. Attendance at INA meetings is also an indication of professional interest).

(2) Student Membership:  Students with an interest in neurotoxicology who are enrolled full-time in a graduate degree program are eligible for student membership.


Deadlines. Application for membership can be made throughout the year. Those received by April 30 will be reviewed by the ECand will be notified by October and those received by October 30 will be notified by April.


Membership Dues. New members will be billed for dues after acceptance into membership. Dues are for a two-year period. Dues for Full Members are US$ 35.00 (NLG 60.00). Student membership is without charge.  

Click here for downloading Application Form (75 Kb)


Please submit: 
(1) Your completed Membership Application Form and
(2) Your Full Curriculum Vitae

To:   Dr Sandra L Allen,

       INA Membership Secretary,

       10 Folkestone Close,

       Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 3BD. UK


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